Remote Monitoring | Remote Monitoring and Control in UAE

Remote monitoring and control have become an important aspect of our business. CTS has worked with most of the suppliers of remote monitoring and control equipment and understand the differences and advantages of all types of systems.

CTS has undertaken design and supply of many complex systems incorporating thousands of remote monitoring devices many of which also incorporate remote control.

CTS has worked with software and hardware suppliers to develop cathodic protection software packages that give our clients the tools they need to best monitor and operate their CP systems. We use a variety of networking options in either copper, fibre or a combination of both to enable access the CP systems via RS485, Ethernet, GMS or Satellite communications.

Where clients do not want any external network access, CTS can provide standalone monitoring and control or facility only intranet access. Where clients want global access, we can provide internet access.

Our experience in remote monitoring and control has made us wary of supplying systems that are rapidly overtaken by software platform advances (e.g., where systems only run certain versions of Windows etc.) and are able to advise our clients on how to overcome these issues.